Enough: freeing myself from my own inner tormentor


She spits poison

in riddles of ancient mantra

imprisoning her prey

within their own ramparts.

My surface stiffens

but I boil beneath.

You are safe.

Her infectious venom

erupts from my pores

blood splinters through my face

puddles and cracks under her furious pressure.

A thunder hoards itself

within the belly of my parched lung

His words drip down my throat, a pure tonic

Give it to me

and she skewers in the dark crooks once again

Never. Enough.

My chest retreats in preparation

of a wind that squalls and escapes,

my souls’ grain tremors in my lungs.

She spits again…

but her toxic medicine dries into a hungry powder.

Give it to me

My body violently coughs, a ferocious gratitude

erupting and exploding her ash like confetti,

It shimmers and dances from my mouth

as stars glimmer their greeting in faraway galaxies.

I stir my own elixir and taste its honey

as my spirit and body resurrect themselves.

Through a daze soaked in ecstatic love

I release her from her authority.

The Lion of the Sun, Goddess of the Earth, Seer of the Moon

begin to roar, sing, and whisper

Their hums pull ‘til their cloaks slip to the void

Their eyes shake the ground as they enlist its force

and the strength of the cosmos quivers.

My upheld hands caress their eyelids

as a child curiously traces

the familiar lips of her Mother

Eyes swoop open and they reveal

My gentle gaze in their faces.


The fearless Lion of the Sun:

The nurturing Goddess of the Earth:

The clairvoyant Seer of the Moon:

All Love.

All Here.

All Now.

All Free.

All Me.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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