Fingers & Toes

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Where you see only darkness and demons, my love
know them to be a part of you
showing their faces and barred teeth
only – in truth – to ask for your healing touch.
Know the louder they roar
the more they need a hug.
Know no matter what comes to you
your essence cannot be harmed
so if you shake in fear when the shadow
is about you, my love
remember this simple truth:
You are the pure light of awareness
nested deep in the one heart of
love and compassion.
Seek yourself in nothing outside.
the only way you see and comprehend
anything at all
is because your light shines upon it…
Life takes place in the dark womb of the Mother
where all we ever encounter
is our own fingers and toes.
You see all these things that disturb you
are just parts of you
but you may forget and say,
“Ah! I know what that shape and sound is!
A monster!!”
Yet the only thing that makes a demon seem
different from an angel
– the only thing that makes them so mighty –
is that we claim them to be monsters,
we think they are something they’re not.
So when you see only darkness and demons, my love
know to look in your very full and beaming chest
for all the love and compassion
all these parts of you could ever need
or dream of.
Remember to ease your minds’ worry –
the essence of all is love,
no matter whether it’s remembered or forgotten
this light is here always in you
whispering with the gentleness
of a lullaby
let the light out
give all wings to fly…

xx, Luna Marie Valin

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