Father Formless, Mother Magic

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Formless metamorphosis…

Tilt and melt into new
uncharted space
secrets of Grandmother Spiders’ lace
Father Formless
meets Mother Magic
the spirit of one bliss
in the art of the kiss.
Bend and wind a fine song
that only the bee can hear.
Walk quietly in gentle stride
legs like the ocean ride.
Hand in hand
remember a wholeness so intimate
a thousand breaths dance
the hair on my neck entranced.
The lines of bare skin
brush together and apart,
as the mind finds stillness
in combined consciousness.
See, held within my core
there’s room for your space,
for you to stretch and contract
til there’s no “other” face.
Here, a wealth of knowledge
means opening your eyes
so wide they bathe in the nectar
of pure divine light
Here, where I find refuge in me
and in you, and you in you, and you in me
the heart pulses free.
The rhythm of nature rejoices
in its truth knowing itself
as no self at all.
The paint of masks
drips up and falls.
Names find peaceful demise
in the carvings or plants that burn
in a fire that whispers
“There’s nothing here to mourn.
Do not cry.
Nothing dies.
Nothing is born.”
In the womb of gravity
faces and hearts ask constantly
to remember the truest essence
that exists beyond all transcendence.
In Divine Union there is no “union” anymore
because where souls and symphonies
lie into the river of Life’s breath
they become it.
Not as though they weren’t it before
but in that moment, they search no more.
So the river flows freely
as water sees its essence
in wood, metal, earth, and fire.
Where did “we” go?
When Father Formless
meets Mother Magic,
when above knows it’s luminosity in below,
and below knows it’s vastness in above,
there is only love.

xx, Luna Marie


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