Reaching to Water from Fire

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 6.26.14 PM.png

She calls on water
and asks me what happens
when I descend with him
into the unknown.
I pause and look down,
my hands touch and weave.
The sun on my arm
shyly dawns
from the dark night of my sleeve.
My eyes well up as I say –
We go deep,
so deep into that space
and hold each other
in revered embrace…
So simple –
I talk and he reflects,
his silence –
the architect of respect…
I sink into memory –
As he says he knows
what I am to him
when he’s in the shadow…
Funny, I say in response,
When we slip to the unknown
and blindly roam
you say I’m your north star,
and you’re my home.

xx, Luna


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