The Flow

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Every thought, emotion & experience is fleeting unless we hold onto it. But more importantly, life flows. It gets stuck often, as we become fascinated by or cringe from the torture of experience… But it flows nonetheless. Change never ceases.
Regardless, if we go about our days witnessing turmoil & uncomfortability & say to ourselves, “I’m just letting it flow, no big deal” we often cut ourselves off from feeling fully… So there, that feeling or thought gets stuck in our bodies, minds and spirits. The mind may say, “Well this suffering is just silly. My nature is bliss. It’s not relevant or real, so what’s the point in feeling it?” And we sever ourselves more because we’ve renounce its sacred teaching… Suffering is the result of clogged up feelings, thoughts, elaborate stories and experiences that reside in us… The ordeal ensues until we open to feeling and understanding what they are there to teach us in the moment they appear… Learning presence is not about dismissing painful experience as “part of the flow”. This is just another fancy defense mechanism of the mind… One that’s much harder to see because it’s based on apparent wisdom. How often do we dismiss our experience, or that of another, in the name of presence with the flow of life? How can we really start to embrace and be fully with the tragic and beautiful experience of being extraordinarily human?

I say bring it on, baby, and I won’t fight or tamper with our pain or joy. I want to taste the essence of it all. Let life burn a blazing fire in the delicacy of you and I… This won’t last long, nothing in this dream truly does…

xx, Luna

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