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Where is the reverence for the process?
Where is the recognition that imbalance
is the most sacred training ground?
We are here to learn,
to return to a life of walking
this earth as pure empty awareness
of the sacred nature of it all…
Emptiness does not mean devoid
of existence or substance.
Emptiness is experienced as a lack of
rigid, changeless, or essential identity.
Emptiness is fluidity
and spontaneous arising
and dissolution.
It is authenticity.
It is compassion.
All is Empty.
Are we aware of the essential emptiness
of this play of consciousness
we call life?
Are we aware of ourselves
as full embodiments of the sacred;
as songs of dancing light
within the womb of our great Mother;
always flawless expressions
of universal Being?
Where is the reverence?
Where is the acceptance
of others as they are right now?
Where is the love
for who we are right now?
We can never measure
the grace of another.
I so often see “spiritual practitioners”
dedicated to awakening,
yet they become obsessed
with an individual path
in which they achieve
and mark themselves more
powerful, wise, or awake
than other beings…
We are never more “distant” or “close”
to enlightenment or liberation.
Some may appear to
more closely resemble kindness
or generosity or connection,
but wisdom is in the void
where arrogance and knowing
previously perceived reality
as something to analyze or accomplish or escape.
Wisdom is knowing we can never truly know
anything at all.
It is playfulness.
It is gentleness.
It is love.
There is no way to measure
closeness or distance to “achievement”
because there is no achievement,
nor such thing as distance or lack thereof
from the very Essence of all.
There is no end-goal
apart from You, right now as You are.
Degrading or dehumanizing another
as though you could be more beautiful
will only ever result in blindness
to your own humanity;
to the perfection of all your imperfection.
There is a pathless path.
Where is the reverence for each other?
Where is the reverence for ourselves?
Where is the reverence for Now?

xx, Luna


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