Plays of Change

I ask to be spoken to
in the hollowness of my ears
to be captivated and set free
all at once
in the presence of another,
in the presence of Me
For I see we live this life seamlessly
and I can experience You
while You enjoy me…
But for this to be
a truly meaningful affair
I must open my senses to You
to see all that is really here.
Everything. Everyone. Everywhere.
Wrapped into the textured
space of this moment
in this delicious happening
is the resurrection of the lotus
from deep within the mud…
Fractals create their essence within
the unfolding being beyond
existence and lack thereof-
A spontaneous play of endless change
of intimacy and intricacy
and calls made in journey
back to orgasmic ecstatic
re-immersion of souls
in keen contrast with control and roles
Awareness surrendering
to the rise of remembering
You and I dance entranced,
liberated by this one glance
we fall with no direction into
the abyss,
One Love, One Being, One Bliss.

xx, Luna

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