This is a unique kind of awe
One I can’t simply walk by –
Sprouts heroically push their way
through a heavy bed of rotten leaves
still awaiting disintegration
They are at least 8 inches tall
when I uncover them…
The solitude and density of winter
A most daunting incubation
where seeds forget they will burst soon
preoccupied in the most absorbing feeling
of sitting fully in cold dark underworlds
and being condensed
into a most potent powerful form…
Courage conspires
Faith forms and hardens
Compassion restores
Wisdom takes its training
Playfulness is patient
Love is inherent, deeply-rooted…
More and more and more pressure
until an ounce of heat signals right timing
to push and push and push
upward, outward
To be reborn again…
-Luna Marie


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