Allowing Nourishment

Do I allow myself
to be nourished by the food I take in
through mouth, eyes, and spirit…
to be supported by the divine Mother
effortlessly bearing my body’s stride…
to be fulfilled in embracing another
or feeling the sweet treasure of embracing myself…
Do I allow myself
to feel the sweetness of this life
the ordinary magic I so often starve for…
The heart space is only truly alive when it is empty;
empty of harshness and judgment and paralyzing fear
just as the lungs can only inspire life from the heavens
if they release the air that has been harvested already
Do I allow myself to be hollow
to be the space of fluent giving and receiving?
What happens when I allow my heart to be nourished
and sing the tune of my innermost being?
What happens when I sweetly embrace all I resist most,
and free myself and all others – even if just for a moment – from the grip of confusion and suffering?
Do I allow the walls to fall
the paradoxes to unravel
the stories to speak themselves into the abyss from which they came…
Do I allow?

xx, Luna


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