Time Trips

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 6.35.50 PM.png

Time trips over itself
All ‘nows’ unravel at once
You are an ancestor
and a future being
We all know the secrets
that we think are yet to be met
You appear as a strand trapped and free
in a web unaware that its intricacy
is only an aspect of its divinity
Reason wanders unnerved by itself
Consciousness pretends to be contained into points apparently maintained
Bodies are homes that welcome the senses
Then it seems only bodies have lenses
We forget bodies are merely fleeting tenses and fences
The selves are no different
No ‘one’ to see or be sent
to piece together what it all meant
But there’s still a play going on
The beauty is to dance and explore
with and through life and death,
womb and tomb
under both Sun and Moon
Any moment now…
And all moments at once
it all tumbles into and dissolves the few
Being is stumbled into
Through nonbeing… All as simply hue

xx, Luna


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