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To attempt to fill the void is the same as attempting to shovel earth into outer space… it simply dissipates and then there is more space… to be filled? No. Space to be cherished. Space to be stretched throughout and reveled in. Space, because all is truly space. We can be filled to the brim by the extravagance or terror of our experience, but it is all fleeting, just as matter disperses into boundless space, and then there is only more space… Either I can keep getting more shovels, and more matter; I can feverishly fill and gawk at the torture of my own exhaustion… Or I can simply revel in the beauty of spontaneously being filled by experience, and allowing it to dissolve itself into the boundless space of “me”; not struggling against the processes of creation and dissolution, of filling and emptying. Surrendering…

xx, Luna


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