Right there> in that moment>> since every part of your heart was committed eternally to love, compassion & playfulness as your only true path,

you recognized what you’ve always known:: any resistance you experienced in loving another unconditionally & fearlessly was reflective of the precise ways you were denying yourself love

>> as they are you + you are them <<

you immediately found you naturally surrendered the idea of >> a search << for the “perfect” partner, community, identity, or life purpose

** & instead **

^^ you realized ^^ your commitment permeated throughout all those [experiences & people] you faced>>> & you extended the most simple yet <boundless & unflinching compassion>
& when you forgot momentarily, you radiated that inward, too

>>compassion is the most sacred form of grace<<

right there the <<search ceased>> everything stopped struggling. time wandered no longer. art simply <<created itself>>. action had <<no doer>> yet you still <<rejoiced in it all>>. the play of duality continued on, but you started to *realize*

>>real love & compassion divorce nothing<<

right there> in that moment>> the universe gave you the presence of a +person+ capable of & ready to ++commit++ this to themselves and the world also.

..there was simply no other way..
>> your external relationships not only reflect your internal one, but they are one & the same <<

right there> in that moment>> you *realized* <<commitment yields liberation, not imprisonment>> you realized <<all you ever are is love & all you can ever have is gratitude>> you realized the <<disease is the cure>> <<darkness is the greatest teacher>> & <<disintegration is the ^lifeblood of transformation^>> you realized that <<experience holds all the teachings that books allude to>> you realized the <<more you remove your “self” from the predicament of your life, the more you align with the fluid-flowing healing, elevating, transformative, & utterly free nature of the cosmos•••>>>>

& back in this moment>> this beautiful Being* is right here touching my eyes & resting back into my heart ~ I realize we are ••gods endlessly finding adventure in flesh and bone, in forgetting & remembering••
but we ceaselessly rest in that {fruitful emptiness}
in that state {ineffable by nature}

=ungraspable by the human hand & mind=

that \essenceless essence/ beyond even our most ^authentic^ appearance as ••gods•• walking the earth & all other dimensions.

right here>> this #Being before me finds a home in my heart ••>> in the exact same moment I do

the only echoing mantra
||how much can we love?||

& right here••>>
it all ||dissolves|| & ||climaxes|| at the
exact same point > • <
& I <<have no more words>>.


-Luna Marie


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