Windows and wind 

What if nothing in this world is as it seems?

What if I am not as I seem? Even to me?

All of the stuff in these three dimensions is just the window through which we can view the vastness of the spirit world; it is a lens. 
We have the ability to open that window and experience both realities simultaneously… How would we choose to live our lives if we knew this is the purpose of our being here now?

To play with looking through, painting on, and basking in the light of the glass window that veils the reality beyond…

Then to become so playful and brave that we crack open the window… 
We can unlock and open the window to step into the vastness of the unknown infinite Majesty that our souls long to return to; that presence which proposes inevitable disintegration of familiar identity. 
To look beyond the window and ask ourselves what we see; what we feel; who we really are – this is the practice of life. 
To stare into that which we cannot see or prove or understand; but which we can feel and embody and love –
This, this is the great awakening. 

Spirit, I am Spirit. 

-Luna Marie 🌙🌸


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