Uninhibited Conversation 

Each moment of live is literally carved out just for you. The hills of your pillow at night; the way traffic allows you to study the sky and your thoughts, the chattering mind you can almost hear in the depths of a strangers’ gaze… The moments you want to weep with grief, scream with anger, or crawl into bed and never get out are meant for you just as the blissful moments are.
I remember when I was a kid and got my hands on a peppermint I loved, I’d stuff it in the way way back corner of my cheek in a futile attempt to make it last longer. I quickly learned that trying to make it last would not only result in a shriveled up cheek, but I really wouldn’t taste it and enjoy it as much. The thing is, I’ve noticed it’s a natural human tendency to want to hold on to lovely moments like our favorite candies and make them last beyond their time.
Life – like that candy – is meant to be tasted fully as it unravels in each moment. It’s easy to recognize that holding onto horrifying, sad or traumatic experiences can be crippling to our health, but it’s an incredibly difficult thing to accept we will be crippled just as much by tightly gripping positive experiences. If we hold onto those, we will find our lives passing us by while each moment fails to fill us up the way we remember a previous one doing so, or we will constantly be seeking for something more in the future.
We aren’t meant to try to make the good moments last longer than they do or hold onto a memory in hopes it will continue on in all its grandiosity. How interesting is it that the one way to truly live in complete idiotic and beautiful true joy, we have to allow ourselves (with persistent diligence and practice) to be completely accepting of each moment regardless of what it contains? This means not comparing it to the moment before or to the imagined moments to come… It means playfully saying ‘yes’ to each moment as it is. To acknowledge each moments’ purpose (even when we can’t name it) and to embrace it with as much joy and gratitude as we can muster – no matter how ugly or delicious it is – is to have a truly uninhibited ever-enlightening conversation with God.

Namaste, Luna Marie


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