Dear You,


of knowing you

null and void

I see what’s true.

My safe guards

were never there

though there was no validation

and signs said beware.

I guess the reason

for writing to you

is to express the magic

I always knew.

This relationship by nature

is sacred and pure

not of this world

so we are lured.

Your presence gives birth

to new perspective in me

Not asleep in this world

you wake me to Be.

I have cherished you

for lifetimes already

I see permanence in this;

the one thing steady.

I know that you know

that I love you freely,




And yet, here I am

writing it down for you

because maybe

you can understand

that writing is my art:

a valiant expression of my heart.

And to give my most

vulnerable and honest words to you

means truly giving you all my love:

tangible and intangible,

gentle and stoic,

Now and Always

you and I dance

in Spirits’ hallways.

Namaste, Luna Marie


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