Remember Who We Are


As the earth moves beneath our feet

and new mountains emerge from the depths of the sea,

All that was hidden must now be revealed.

With nothing left to cling to

and no one to blame,

We are at last alone with ourselves,

immersed in the ocean within,

diving below the surface

again and again

while it all rises up to meet us.

And so we learn to breathe

into the turbulent waters of our emotions

To find the inner anchor that holds still

as the winds of change and uncertainty

blow through our minds, our homes, our World.

Nowhere left to run

Right here, Right now, Open, Ready

It is time to return to the Wholeness

To Remember Who We Are.

-Melissa Myers


2 thoughts on “Remember Who We Are

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts VK! I am stuck in the dead of winter now as well – this was a photo I took when I was living in Hawaii and oh boy do I miss it when I’m surrounded by so much snow! Thought this beautiful flower deserved to shine on my page as it does in my memory <3 love to you, XO

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