Honest Inquiry


All is as it is meant to be.

It is what it is.

All is perfect or all is imperfect, just as all can be positive or negative depending on the perspective.

Choose your perspective wisely: only for your joy.

All is what we make of it, what we create, what we mold it to be.

Choose wisely. What will make your heart sing? Listen to that song… It is already here.

When you realize you are standing on the goal in each moment and have within you everything you thought you ever wanted or needed, the only option left is to be at peace,

to be in love.

You can create your Peace and can choose to embody Love. You are in charge.

Call Love to you, invite it to be your experience, ask it to be yours… Claim Love to be you.

Because, my dear, when you do this in each moment, you realize what you have come into this life to rediscover:

Love has always been you, always is, and always will be…

Now, inquire honestly, personally, and with compassion in the dark moments and in the light ones:

Do you know yourself? Do you remember?

Namaste, Laura (Luna) Marie XO


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