Happenings and Trustings


I’m beginning to realize on a much deeper level that the most beautiful moments – the ones that free us and captivate us and inspire the darkest parts of our souls – those stunning moments that rattle our lives the way a we used to wake our siblings up jumping for joy on their bed on Christmas morning: they just happen.

These moments cannot be actively tried for. In fact, the very act of trying handicaps us somehow in the pursuit of these kind of ecstatic moments. It’s like these moments are brought to us by Life at the exact time we are meant to experience them: no matter how hard we try, there is a higher power at work that knows the exact time when we are truly ready.

It’s like being in a place where you’re served breakfast, lunch, and dinner inevitably each day at specific times.

You can cry and scream, “I’m hungry” all you want, but the Chef will only tell you the food is not yet ready…  Except in life, often times it is us that aren’t yet ready.

We can either storm off and pout or burst into a fit of tears because we aren’t being fed right NOW, or we can wait patiently: knowing and trusting the food will be brought to us without our asking at the exact times it’s meant to be.

The truth is, we are fed by Life in every single moment. The recipe for peace and bliss and love is always prepared and served right under our noses here and now.

But if we get ourselves all in a fuss because we aren’t getting what we want or we believe Life is simply not listening to us, the Chef will very likely bring the food to the buffet and we will have our hands in our faces…

We won’t even see it’s there.

This is the challenge: believing, having faith that we are being taken care of by an omnipresent being with an infinite attention span. This being, our Creator (AKA the more aware version of ourSelves) is intricately involved in every detail of our lives: closer to us than the atoms of the breath dancing in our lungs.

My teabag right now says, “Love without trust is a river without water.” We must trust in ourSelves, trust in Life, or else we miss the point entirely.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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