My guidelines / advice / life hack list for errrybody…


  • Let everything flow through you. If that means cry or scream or sleep or dance or sing, do it all.
  • Be the comedic observer of your internal world and take responsibility for it because you are the ruler of that domain.
  • Have compassion with yourself and those around you. We are all mostly occupied by our own experience as human beings walking in this strange place.
  • Breathe with such gusto that you declare your presence and embody your fearless self here and now.
  • Explore externally or internally and look for the purpose in everything you see.
  • Laugh at the total messiness of life.
  • Play and dance and sing and express yourself as if it were your entire purpose on this planet… because it is.
  • Spend some time outside of your mind at least once a day: Meditate. Run. Workout. Play with your toes for all I care.
  • Embrace everything that feels bad as if it’s good.
  • Smile at the Universe in the face of seriousness.
  • Be grateful for whatever and whoever expands the excitement, passion, and joy within your soul. And remember to thank the things that do not because without them you would not realize the greatness of your splendor and you may not be challenged to take the steps you need to grow in your life.
  • Do what you love to do with fervor.
  • Love yourself and all those around you as much as you possibly can in each moment.
  • Commit to disentangling yourself from fear (AKA anything: any thought, habit, any person, etc. that doesn’t feel good to you).
  • Embrace desperation and chaos and ruin because those exist to unbolt your eyes to see the treasure in your heart.
  • But always, first and most importantly, let everything go as if this was your last moment and nothing else mattered. Not to be morbid, but you never really know…

Filter your thoughts, emotions, and the things you do as a result with the question: What will bring me the most joy right now? And for God’s sake, choose what makes you happiest. Believe you are worthy of this. Because your unyielding determination to love all of yourself and the entirety of life right now is all that ever matters.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO

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