I am finding it interesting because the more I journey along my path and get to know the world and myself, the more I look at yogis, spiritual teachers, and people who are living consciously and I see so many clear mirrors that my intellectual mind asks the question, “What makes you unique? What makes anyone unique? There is no difference in us…”

I could spend my entire life trying to do yoga postures that I see everyday on instagram, trying to get my blog noticed by a certain number of people, trying to acquire some “success”… But what’s the point of that and what do I actually have to offer?

It’s easy to suddenly feel helpless and unconvinced that I have anything beneficial and groundbreaking to offer the world.  It’s in the little things like I say I want to write a book someday, but what the heck do I have to say that hasn’t already been written? I don’t have a super traumatic story or a talent in one area specifically that I imagine myself thriving in like a singer or an athlete. It’s as though, the more I understand all as a reflection of myself, the more my mind is stumped and asks these questions…

But, simultaneously there is an ever-deepening hunger of my spirit for more connection: to witness new mirrors that are expressed in their own unique light and color, to see from a new perspective that deepens the truths I already live by. Once we get to a certain point and truly realize all we ever need is within us, there is an abundance of truth, however, life brings everything and everyone we need to re-discover those truths on deeper and deeper levels. And it’s our job as awakening beings to live those truths authentically for ourselves and the world.

So I get afraid sometimes about moving to California and whole-heartedly pursuing my current set of dreams (who knows if they’ll change or remain the same…) because I have that question in the back of my mind. In reality, when I sit from the stance of my Divine Self, I see how worthy I am. I see that to ask myself the question “What makes anyone unique?” is actually completely insane. It is of the ego or the small self: to need more, to seek endless validation that doesn’t exist anywhere external, to need to be different and “special”, to need some kind of “fulfillment” as if I’m not already full…

I see every individual I encounter is infinitely unique and inspiring to me, but it’s easier to overlook that beauty in myself in moments when I am sitting within the purview of my egoic mind.

From the broader perspective of my true Self, I see how important I am, but not in the egoic I need to be famous and scream my message to billions of people type-of-way. Instead, I see my influence on the world is actually rather gentle. I just have to remember that I am worthy, powerful, and have unique purpose that I have already expressed and will continue to express… It is the unique song my spirit hums that is eternal in nature.

There is such an intriguing irony in the truth that we are all the same (actually One), but different. I like the image of all of us being one giant prism where light is cast upon. What is unique is the colors our spirits express, where we are directed to, and what design we create. But we are all this One prism.

I am at the point of knowing all of this clearly, but I also see there is a deepening of this truth that will inevitably grow within me in due time. It will only become clearer and, damn, I’m realizing the journey only every gets better.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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