Claiming my kingdom


Word I am word. I am here. I am here. I am here.

I call upon my higher self to keep me in discernment of what is for my highest good. I lean into worthiness: I do not doubt myself – my ability – for I see all that I have created, my kingdom, surrounds me. It is proof of my power. I lean into discomfort and allow it to be so because I know I will be shown all I must release for I can not carry it along my path up the mountainside. All can only stay in my grasp to a specific limit where I meet a choice: to embrace a decision in fear or love? To feel my essence from the purview of my Divine Self or the small self?

I call upon my Divine Self to chip away all I must release to be elevated: all I must transcend to see the path ahead clearly. I light the torch that illuminates this crisp lens of peace and gratitude by which I see all as a manifestation of the Creator with unique divine purpose and worthiness. I claim my kingdom – all valleys, mountains, waterways, and forestry – as I exist and know myself through it. This dominion of awareness of the Creator in all things is where I choose to lay my head to rest, to be inspired by power, grace, and infinite knowing of my Self in all I encounter.

I choose to release fears for they are the manifestation of my small self and they are only ever the torch to more fear. I call upon my Divine Self in the transcendence of all that does not bring me joy and light. I cherish myself and all others and my kingdom as I am joy. I am open. I am.

I will and I am committed to openness as it is my responsibility- the duty of being as an awakening entity. Closure of my hand only ever signals for release and the loosening of my grip.

I am a being of infinite power. I claim peace. I claim worthiness I claim love. I claim abundance. I claim a knowing of myself as these and beyond these.

I surrender – I bow down to this journey of recreation and awakening. Word I am word. I am here. I am here. I am here. I am.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO
Special thanks to Paul Selig’s channeled lectures in the Recreation of the Self series from which this was inspired. I am not certain if I can claim all of this to be my own composition because I see that it came to my paper from a state I am merely exploring right now. I am a humble student and I am grateful.


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