The Ultimate Judgment

What is shortly to come is maybe one of the most ballsy things I’ve shared to date…

This is to anyone who believes themselves to be “spiritual” or just “better than someone else” or “not good enough” for X, Y, Z… Hell, this is to anyone willing to hear and be challenged.

Before I continue, I want to make something clear. When I use the term “spiritual person” all I am pointing toward is someone engaged in the process of seeking truth in understanding who they are expressed as in this human form and who they are beyond this form. When we seek the answer, in one way or another we begin to realize that we are one with all that is, with “God”, and we rest in the peace this knowing brings. We realize heaven/enlightenment is not somewhere to get to, but it is right here in every moment. Being “spiritual” to me means being open to life cracking away at everything that is between me and this state of bliss.

Moving forward…

I have just fully realized that all measuring – all deciphering – is of the mind. It’s the false intelligence of the “little me”. I have this ruler that measures how far along our paths we are, how “advanced” I am in comparison with others.

This is because I have the image of what “success” looks like in my mind and I see that I am trying to work toward this image. We all do. My overall image of success involves being a “spiritual person” who impacts, helps to heal others, and who is a light for others.

In each moment, I compare myself with the destination…and without awareness I compare every single other person with that same ruler. Then I categorize them into a neat little box of more or less advanced than me, of behind or farther along on their path than me.

If they are behind me on their path my mind says I must have something to teach them. And they are only ever teaching me how to get closer to my light because they are proof that I must be close to my light (because in my mind, they are very far from their light AKA behind me on their path). If they are ahead of me on their path, I’ve got to somehow get myself to their level. They should be able to teach me about their position.

We all do this. In some way shape or form, when we believe in a concept of success, we judge ourselves and all others according to this ruler.

This is all complete bull shit. All that measuring – all judgment – is based on the idea of success and failure when in reality, nobody knows what success looks like for them or anyone else. Just as no one can gauge someone else’s level of grace. Just as a homeless alcoholic and drug addict could be far closer to enlightenment/heaven/becoming the Universe than someone who appears put together and “successful” or even “spiritual”. Just as being psychic or being a channel does not mean that person is closer to enlightenment, and not being one does not mean that person is less close.

Those of us who like to live on a high horse must get off eventually and be humbled by this realization. Those of us who live with the tape of “I am not good enough” must realize this is so deeply untrue. The reality is, we are likely playing both of these roles in different areas or at points in our lives. We must become aware.

All of this “more” or “less” close, “behind” or “further along”, and “younger” versus “older on their path” is all coming from the little me who is separate from the whole and everyone else. It is all coming from the illusion that there is some value in when we reach enlightenment/heaven – like it is some kind of race to the finish line.

The Universe does not exist in time. Time is illusory. So of all things, to gauge your self value and the value of others on how close you are to the finish line is completely insane. It’ll drive you mad. Because this requires that we believe the fundamental falsehood that we have the ability to gauge how close someone to enlightenment/heaven (or how “worthy” they are). We are not any closer just because we are “lighter” and living happier, just because we have made “fewer mistakes” or “sinned” less; just as we are not any closer when we appear to be successful on society’s standards.

Any measuring (AKA judgment) comes from ego: from the little me who is fearful and separate from everyone else.
Right now, feel that all this is false. Feel that we are all one, going eternally in the same direction: no rush, no need, no “sooner is better”… Just accepting what is and being present where we are is all we are ever meant to do. You think you are holding the glass, but the glass is holding you. When we recognize deeply that nothing really matters and that we know nothing, we find freedom and the ability to play in this life wherever we are. We cherish all those around us and all human experiences. We find love.

“We cannot be the light and claim another in darkness.” -Paul Selig

Namaste, Luna Marie XO


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