Real Relationship


In a relationship without need – no where to get to, no need to be someone, no need to defend or combat, no need for the other person to embody someone, no need for their validation, no need to have them make you right or better, no need to have them by your side – there is a space that opens. A hallow-ness. In this space, God breathes. We are able to find clarity in each other’s eyes and so resistance and tension cease to exist. We are able to free and support each other so we can become our lightest and most powerful Selves. In that space, we harness the ability to light one another up. We ignite a unique fire of healing and manifestation in the core of God’s chest: the center of abundance, gratitude, and grace. This is a fire that is meant to light the world up and unchain us from suffering and illusion. A fire that is suffocated only by fear: the root cause of all need.

In this relationship, there is simply no fuel for anything but unconditional love. There are no clouds to fog the reflection. There are no clinging hands to dampen the light. There is just the power and the grace of God breathing. There is you and I, loving, because we are God.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO

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