Under the influence

We each eventually come to a point along our path where we begin to see that alcohol and drugs distract us from our eternal dance with the Divine. Any time we cloud our minds or physical bodies, our scope of attention narrows. This does not mean we can better focus. It means that we cannot see or do anything other than what is right in front of us – hence that endearing feeling of escaping from our problems so many people desire. This is what I like to call “pseudo-presence”. There is a huge difference because when we are truly deeply present, we are sitting in the seat of conscious awareness where we become as tiny as a microscopic molecule, and as immense as the Universe all at once. Our scope of attention is infinitely broader while we maintain the ability to focus. Our awareness revolves around this feeling of abundance, love, and unity.

When we are clouded in any way by alcohol or drugs, we block this channel to the Divine. This may seem untrue because we may feel lighter when we do a drug or drink. But this is fleeting, more finitely temporary than anything else. Because it isn’t real. We are seeking a remedy or an answer in the external world when the external world has no permanent one to offer. You may ask – what about the drugs that bring you into the “spirit realm”? I would simply ask in return: would you rather be able to access that without needing a drug for help? Do not get me wrong, I don’t condemn these (or anything else), but I just suggest you ask yourself these questions honestly. I see a lot of value in at least reaching for these experiences all on your own.

The only non-illusory aspect of this life and this world is our uninterrupted unclouded connection with our eternal Selves/Source/God. I challenge you to reach to uncover the root of your relationship with substances especially if you feel any part of you flinching or becoming curious while your awareness deepens around this topic. Just gently ask yourself, “Why?” without any judgment and see what comes through for you. I guarantee under many layers, it’s not about “having fun” or doing it because you just “like the feeling”.

We come to a point, eventually when the time is right, when we seek nothing. I, speaking for myself, feel no judgment around drugs or alcohol because I understand why people use them, but I see no reason to engage in their use because I already feel fulfilled and whole. I am already in awe of every detail in life. I already feel my own abundance fully. I don’t need to explore all lengths of life through substances because I experience the love that is eternal and real, that is our sole purpose. That is far more than enough, it is everything.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO

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