Black stone in Her palm
You reach deep
Down Her throat
Third eye ablaze
Crown crystallizes
Your essence is dark
But you cradle the heavens
Within Her chest
Reaching deep
Stampede through this land
Her face of fire you are calling
Gold soil drips dust in Her veins
Darkness chokes below Her voice
Knocking at Her feet
The earth, I am hot
And She is my face of fire
She’s coming
Stampede through this land
The stones they shake
The spirits sweat in Her smoke
Can you hear Her calling out?
She howls in your night

Black stone in Her palm
I say, take their thorns out of Her
Reach deep
She is ready
Now lead Her to my rain
I will fiercely kiss Her
Til Her bones are clean again
Her core must crack open
She waves Her flag of surrender
As She cradles herself
And all of creation
She exhales Her song
And my trees whisper
My wind trembles

Black stone in Her palm
Terror knocking at Her door
I am asking you to
Free Her
She lifts off
Away from all illusion
Her face of fire I am calling

Black stone in Her palm
Release your grip
Her eyelids flicker
Her heart smolders
Gods rejoice
Sweet embrace
Face of fire
Sun of creation
Moon of clarity
Gypsy of grace
Goddess of inspiration
Warrior of peace
Seer of truth
Now, She leaves Her bones
By my lakes of lava
When She WAKES.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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