A side note…

We are always in a rush to get somewhere, to accomplish something, to make something great of ourselves because we learn to forget our own wholeness, worthiness, and beauty…the greatest secret is that there is nowhere to get to, no one to become. No one to be but yourself in this present moment. This is the only moment you can choose freedom from your mind, the only moment you can grow and live. You are a blessing of light to this world. There is divine purpose in everything you experience, do, and are. Do you see how futile it is to deny acceptance of who you were simply created to be? How futile it is to resist what you are simply meant to be experiencing right now? Dig deep, release all negativity, and cultivate an inner relationship of love and unity with your Self and with life. Judgment is an illusion of the mind. It is one of fear’s many faces. It is not you and your thoughts of others has nothing to do with them. Love is your eternal practice. This is the first and only step. This is your purpose. It is here and it is now. What brings you joy? Look around you. Focus. Everything is a miracle. A cosmic dance of creation. Can you taste the bliss in your heart? There is no light without shadow just as there is no water without storm, no wind without tornados, no lotus without mud, no inhale without exhale, no birth without death…but Life has no opposite. All is whole and all you see is your own reflection. You are infinitely full, infinitely worthy. No matter who you are or what you have done, your beauty is beyond comprehension.

Namaste, Laura/Luna Marie XO


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