The Silent Whisper

The Light begs

It pleads and nudges you constantly

In your dreams, through your days

It reaches for you

Guiding you through

Pulling you in

You watch all

Obliviously creating

Feet frozen

Eyes sealed

Drunk on suffering

Still curious about the Light

Whispering silence

In the back corner of your mind

Haunted by what crouches in between

The Light beckons

And you begin stripping

Leaning in

Eyes thrashing

Heart breathing

You nag and pull

Til the Light ignites

And you breathe fire

Til the costumes melt off your bones

Wounds exposed

Stories whisper their madness

Destined for disintegration

Under your command

You pry fingers from your eyes

While fists twist around your throat

While the Light begs

It pleads and nudges you constantly

Illusion shatters

Lungs collapse and gasp

Throat cracks open

Screaming, singing

Scanning truth for terror

There is none…

Your light tugs

Whispering gently in silence

Come, play

Be free in me, in you

There is no torture here

No suffering lurking near

See all is made of me, of you

Frequencies in full expression

Here, you are

You see finally, all over again

You are me, and I am you

All is made of us

Love in blazing color

You know seriousness very well

Come, play now




Be free.

-Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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