The Body Knows

Whatever the mind says, the body obeys. In our relationship with our body, the body is the loyal listener and the mind is the instructor. If we love and accept our body unconditionally, it will thrive. If we say “Look at all that I have put my body through. I have wrecked my body,” the body will be perfectly obedient, and it will reflect that belief. It will even become self destructive. It will find a way to appear wrecked, because we believe it is. It will go to all lengths to fulfill the image the mind has of what a “wrecked” body looks like. And we will go on being reassured that we have wrecked our body, we are guilty of a crime. Look at what all that hatred did – and now the hatred deepens because we now wish our body was stronger, more capable, more beautiful. This can all occur with any story playing in the mind – it could be less extreme like, “I think I look fat or ugly” or “I am not muscular or toned enough”. In whatever way, we are not fitting into the image of beauty or masculinity (yes, men included too!) that the mind is attached to, and the body is acting the part. 

But if we believe we are whole and complete right now – if we actively choose to love our body, it will thrive because love becomes it’s fuel. This is not easy because the mind also has an image of what beauty is. We must awaken to the falsehood of all images of the mind in each moment they arise – this is an ongoing practice. Releasing these beliefs as they come up allows the body space to become healthy and whole. The body is wiser than the mind – when it is loved, it simply knows health. The body is eternally more aware than the mind because it knows and expresses every thought and belief the mind creates – even when the mind becomes automatic and unconsciously spews false beliefs or compiles mixed messages. This is also why the body gets sick or develops ongoing illnesses. It is the ultimate sign of imbalance of some kind. Our minds could be focused on getting too much done when our body is exhausted, on control issues that lead to stress, on forcing ourselves to embody an image that we do not presently fit into, or anything else that leads the body to turmoil. The body is wiser – it portrays the whole picture of what is happening in our minds that falls below our conscious awareness.

When we actively choose to love our body, it becomes the temple where God not only dwells, but thrives. When love fuels us – each cell in our being becomes fulfilled, truly beautiful, present. We must actively choose this path until it becomes natural for the mind. Then we become capable of loving all things and people, because we are seeing with the eyes of love, not judgment, hatred, jealousy, or anger. When we find unconditional love within ourselves, we are fulfilled. We are light, and we realize that we are love.

-Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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