To die before I die

We touch
And water crystallizes
Flows and glows
As we do.

We heat up
And the Earth ignites
Blood boils
Spirits sweat
Drawn closer
As we do.

We crack open
And the wind breaks
Shatters through
They sing within our breath
As we do.

We show up
Arms wide
And so they move
Shaking truth
In our bones
As we do.

We release
Fear and pain and thought
And they pour their stories
Into the water
Destined for disintegration
At our command
As we do.

We free Spirit
Breathing between dimensions
We find space here

We manifest life
As we die
As blood still courses
As food still nourishes
As rest still beckons
We die now
And over again
And Spirit thrives
We enlighten
We live for the first time again
As we die
We become love
We return

Freed as we are freedom.
Breathe as we are air.
Heat as we are fire.
Flow as we are water.
Create as we are Earth.
Glow as we are the light.
Stars in our hands…
Love as we are Gods.

-Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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