I love you…

I see every thing and non-thing that makes you up – it is gold and you are shining. I can’t help but breathe you in and feel safe, that I’ve found home in your presence. Your light pulses through me and my Spirit exhales hallelujah as though it knows no other word. Ease. We reach this heaven together. I hold no need, possession, or judgment around you. You are cradled in my presence by the angels I call for you. I see we have the same mind that does and seeks and craves and resists. I see straight through it to your golden vibrance. I feel your gold in my bones, and my Spirit feels it in the life space where all that is relaxes into calm existence. I see unity, tranquility, and bliss. I see an infinite well of love in you. I promise to always bring you into my love… May you always find your home – your own light and infinite love – in me.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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