A prayer for my chosen family

May we sit within each other’s adoration and love
No matter where we are or what we are doing.
May we feel and expand our spiritual connection,
letting go of fear and need,
letting all that does not serve us dissipate.
May we step into this present moment always with each other
May we look deep within each other as untainted reflections.
May we recognize the infinite interconnectivity
that this relationship is,
that we grow as the other does,
that our Universe, our Spirit
our being expands as the other’s does
Because my heart is your heart and your heart is mine.
May we breathe amongst angels
and hold the space where life inhales
for one another to grow and love,
and bring our gifts into their full expression.
May we step into our power
and lean into uncertainty
and remind each other of our infinite light,
that which is unshakeable.
In this world of distraction and chaos,
may we hold a still soft gaze
in the eyes of our true mirrors.
I am your home.
You are your home.
The light in me calls upon the light in you…
And they burn. One.
Here, now, for all lives past and all those yet to come,
we breathe as One.

Namaste to my beloved friends who are my true Ohana always, Laura Marie XO

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