I am.

I feel the Universe bending around me to form my reality – to kiss my cheek – to show me the love that I am – to celebrate and dance through my energy. I feel that the Universe knows no negative, knows no pain, knows no terror, knows no separation or longing, knows no seriousness. It rejoices in bringing to me the physical reflection of the thoughts and emotions and creative energy I hold in my awareness. As I perceive, my powerful intelligence judges and labels and assumes and terrifies…but the Universe only truly knows life – raw energy, still movement, gentle friction, aware being, love… It knows oneness of these – a connection so close as the air that filters my body, the blood that cleanses my veins, the life in the space between the atoms of my being – it does not shy away from hate or killing or death. It merely feeds what I want fed. It takes away what I want to let go.

Because I am the Universe in magical motion. The Universe – the divine light – seeks to awaken from physical form in me, to realize all its greatness, to feel its own love. I feel this momentum in the cells of my being…and in all those I encounter whether they are aware of this or not. The Universe only chooses, only consciously knows one action. This action encompasses enlightened awareness. Growth. Evolution. Transformation. The Universe – I – only desire to know the depths of myself. I attract, I repel, I give, I take, I hold, I resist, and I release…I cry, I fear, I shield, I run, I smile, I laugh – all at myself. I am only ever afraid to not find a home in life or death…I am only ever afraid when I feel small, powerless, insignificant…I am only ever afraid when I feel confined to this small Laura Marie – a physical body with no eternal home or purpose.

But as the Universe bends around me and forms all that I sense, I realize my eternal home: space, life, light. I realize that I am space, I am life, I am light, I am playful, I am whole, I am this Universe I sense and create. I need no temporary home, success, or reward in this form because My home is within eternity, within the depths of My light, within the depths of every soul – all the same as My own, all one with My own. I bend to form my reality. I feed what I attend to. I take away what I let go. I open my arms to embrace Myself. I love as I am love. I glow as I am light. She says to me – and so I hear my reflection say – “God as I am God…”

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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