“Why do we need advanced asanas? Why does yoga need to challenge you? Take for example Skandasana from the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series. You might ask whether it’s enough just to put your leg behind your head and why we need to add difficulty to something that is already hard. It’s important to understand that no matter how advanced, asanas are tools to gaze within your inner self not the goal in and of themselves. The more the asana challenges you the deeper you can gaze within. I believe we need to experience ourselves at the edge of our comfort zone in order to access the limitless self within. You only truly know yourself when you are tested. It’s easy to be happy and peaceful when everything goes your way, but harder to remain calm and compassionate under stress. Advanced asanas are meant to make your mind stronger and your heart more open so that you can be a better person and add meaning to your life. The postures are there to teach you how to go to the places that scare you, use adversity to make you stronger, and love your shadows as much as your light. Advanced asanas are not just fool hardy tricks, they are powerful tools of inner awakening. Rather than trying them out once or twice, the magic of asanas happens when you commit yourself to it as a daily devotional practice over many years.”
– Kino MacGregor


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