Without Condition or Reward


Don’t tell them
They may misread you
Don’t show them the real you
They may judge you
Don’t let them in
They may take advantage of you
They may hate what you keep hidden
They may not really see you at all
Or you may scare them away

Tell them
You love them so they know
Show them
The way their light shines through to you
Let them in
But remember
You are infinitely whole all on your own
Careful to ask nothing of them
For all is within you.

So breathe them in closely
See this horizon with shared eyes
Hold their beauty still in your light
Be their love
Feel their voice melt peace in the cracks of your bones
Tell them
You see and love them with no expectation or need

Because no true act of love needs any reward
Hold no condition. Possess no motive.
Tell them you love them
Right now.
That’s all that matters.

-Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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