It's the little-big things that count...

All you ever really need is right now. I am amazed every night when I walk home and see the sunset, but I sometimes seem to be the only one who notices it. People are absorbed in their music, phones, watches, running off to the next place they need to be, or whatever tape their mind is playing. I smile at strangers and get many blank eyes-glazed-over stares in return. The thing is, no matter how insignificant what you are doing or experiencing feels, this moment holds the meaning of love, life, and your very existence. This moment lacks nothing. Be here, now, and you will lack nothing.

Open your eyes, cherish this moment, and maybe smile at a stranger because you never know when you’ll help someone get off their train of thought and recenter. All it could take is a smile – a millisecond of connection – and someone can realize this moment is all we ever really have.
Namaste, Laura Marie XO


It’s the little-big things that count…

Say what you mean, Jelly Bean!

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