See those white dots on the leaves? That’s not the plant…it’s pollen. For those of us with allergies, spring is a time when nature rings the doorbell in our sinuses and says, “Hello! I’m STILL here!” As funny as it sounds – when I am miserable with allergies, I actually feel more attached and more driven to connect directly with nature. Maybe not super great for my nose or tissue supply, but it surely keeps me reminded of what’s really important. Take a minute today and acknowledge something beautiful – something that takes your breath away. Try not to practice this with your mind. Your mind has a way of labeling and filtering reality – it will try hard to make the connection by saying, “Holy shit, that’s a gorgeous flower!” The mind does not understand that connection does not lie in thought. It lies in the stillness. So just watch the thoughts float in and out of your mind (and maybe even laugh at them) and appreciate what’s right in front of you. I learned today that by crawling on this flower bud, this ant is actually helping the pedals open up and bloom. We all need a little guidance sometimes, right? The forces of life have a way of bringing exactly what you need so close that it’s right under your nose. So make the connection. Everything is a nudge in the direction of openness and peace. You just have to take the step.


Namaste, Laura Marie XO


Say what you mean, Jelly Bean!

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