You wake up
and remember it was all a dream
a dream of a space
where you walked and were offered
the most beautiful things to see
and infinite time to find your way home

Your plate was made full with joy and suffering
elements of transformation awaited
but you ran instead
you didn’t know any better
you put your sweater on when it wasn’t truly cold

Now having no eyes to open
you see all was simply pointing you home
this life was all a dream
insignificant in the best way possible
because you are timeless
of another dimension


You breathe in again, you cry
you try again to remember your home
your essence, your being
you open your new eyes
and see this wonderful world

mesmerized by its infinite beauty

and so you are asleep again
in that little body
and you feel a whisper in your bones
“Dance in this dream.
Find the light in this dream.
Find home again in the end.

 -Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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