Life Lives You

It’s beginning to occur to me that there is a huge difference between just “going with the flow” of what life brings and true acceptance of where you’re at. Going with the flow is great, but if there is an underlying discontent with where you are right now, you aren’t really letting the energy of life flow through you. Surrender and acceptance are not passive, but rather true acts of power. If you surrender – completely accept yourself and everything imperfect about this very moment or time in your life – life will live you.

Only on a day when you truly feel content and at peace will life show you clearly what step is best for you. Remember, your life situation reflects your inner world. If your life does not feel satisfying, there is something within you that is not satisfied with you. Breathe into that and forgive yourself. This moment is life. Rest in this. Inhale. Feel this space, this lightness. Exhale.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO


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