Welcome :)

Hello beautiful people!

So, I’m starting this new blog because writing, photography, and reading are all forms of expression that I adore. This may turn into something bigger, or I may keep this site private like I did with my last blog. I am finding I prefer a blog setting over facebook as a sharing medium because I know that many people won’t really see the truths that I’m trying to express or get at. And – bottom line – that’s perfectly okay. This isn’t meant for everyone! I often find I want to share something deeper, and this feels more appropriate and much more in my comfort zone…for now!

I will start off by copying many of my favorite posts from my other blog to this one – more so for my own records. I like to see the transformation in my inner world through writing over time. I think it’s important to remain humbled by this process of inner evolution because we are all constantly learning more if we truly choose to live. I am completely imperfect and struggling with some pretty dark corners in my being, even though I may have some great moments of clarity and peace. If anyone ever wants to contact me, please, please do so. I love to hear new stories and get to know new people.

So enjoy this ride because I sure am. “She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos. You can see it in her eyes.” With that, welcome to my world – I have hopes it will serve as a glimpse of the world within us all.

Namaste, XO.


Say what you mean, Jelly Bean!

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