Dear Mom…

My hand has always searched for yours

But today has come when we part for a while

Now I look to myself to find your grace

For I keep you in a special safe place

…I’ll create you.

All the moments my heart will yearn for you

And I will try to shutter away the ache

I will know where to find you

I will look in my heart and know it’s true

…I’ll create you.

I’ll find my way back to our small world

Where we combine and bring each other color

Your love will run through my veins and I will just be

I will find stillness and peace in you, in me.

…I’ll create you.

I will be with you in every moment—right here and now

You can breathe in my love till your lungs are full

You can wrap your heart with my voice and my smile

Be still in this moment with me for a while

Create me.

In all the moments we will long for each other

I will send you my love though it’s always with you

A presence that will embrace you for the rest of time

For I am always yours and you are always mine.

I’ll create you and you create me

So we can never be separated – we are one

This is the way it was meant to be.


With all my heart, Laura Marie XO

Jan 5, 2014


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