You can choose for there to always be a “better”, “prettier”, “smarter”, “more whole”, “more perfect”…or you can choose for what you have, who you are, and what you’re doing to be completely acceptable, lovable, and worthy. I’ve been working a lot lately on looking at myself in the mirror and becoming my own friend…telling myself words of encouragement or praise that I think my best friend would. And I stop there. I try not to let any other voices speak. I think one day there will be so much love filling up all the space in my mind that there will be no room for the voice that says, “But you could be so much more perfect if you just did this or didn’t do this…”. Right now I choose to be enough. I choose to love myself for all that I am right in this moment—not when my body fits a different image or when my life is in  better balance. I choose now. Because love right now is all that really matters.

Namaste, Laura Marie XO

May 17, 2013


Say what you mean, Jelly Bean!

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